We Couldn't find what we wanted

MeetMax Games is a division of MeetMax software, a leading provider of event management software.  Our clients are always looking to increase interaction at their events so we considered offering games as a form of networking entertainment

We wanted an experience that would provide the light-hearted challenge of a good board game (but for twenty or more people to play together),  the shared triumphs of team sports (but with everyone able to participate equally) and the joyful fun of a good party (but with a structure that created introductions and conversations).

We found existing games unsatisfactory.  Many were just linear tasks (e.g. Scavenger Hunts) or didn't scale beyond eight people (e.g. Escape Rooms) or lacked good player interaction (e.g. Casino Tables).   So we started from scratch and launched MeetMax Games to create a totally new form of corporate entertainment.


Rikki Tahta: Games Design (and playing)

Rikki Tahta is one of the partners of MeetMax and an addicted board game player.  He has designed popular board and card games over the last 10 years and is in a constant battle with his wife about how much shelf-space can be allocated to games at home.   Rikki believes the most fun games are where the core interaction is between the players and not against a computer.


James Rightmyer Jr: Games Design (and testing) 

When James isn't designing, playing and organizing games, he runs an Off-Broadway Shakespearean Theater Company and is a closet techie constantly tinkering with our back end systems.  James is a believer in endless rehearsals to make sure an event runs seamlessly and is not afraid of standing up in front of a crowd and making a big fool of himself.


Juan Alvarez: Architecture (and making it all work)

Juan heads up the tech team, and has to field the endless requests for bells and whistles.  Before building a gaming platform Juan was engineering equity trading systems.  A great believer in saying NO, Juan makes sure that what comes out is simple, fast and works, and that the tech doesn't get in the way of everyone enjoying the game.