Chicken in the Hen House

I wasn’t sure what I expected when my friend asked me if I wanted to play Chicken in the Hen House, but the game turned out stranger than my wildest dreams. Chicken in the Hen House is the type of ice-breaking activity that attempts to fight the awkwardness of meeting new people by putting them into weird and hilarious situations.

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Adam Haibach
Technology: mini-golf to escape rooms and virtual reality

New technology, in the form of durable artificial grass, led to a resurgence of mini-golf in the 1960s and 1970s. So, back then, if you were organizing a social outing for a birthday party or social group with 20+ attendees, mini-golf was a popular choice. Modular, mass-produced course components enabled the course owners to inexpensively vary their hole layouts to maintain the interest of regular patrons and adjust difficulty.

Well, forty years on and mini-golf is still with us. But over the last 10 years, we have seen a commercial escape room industry appear, building on interest in movies like “The Cube” and board games like Room-25. A good escape room scenario combines elements of immersive role play, problem solving, team-work and excitement.  Perfect for large group entertainment.

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The challenges of “Large Group” board games

Survey a population of board gamers on what is a “large” group for a board game, and you will get answers generally ranging from 5 up to 12. They talk of the “sweet spot” for each of their games, meaning the number at which they feel the game is most enjoyable.

Quite a few of my friends hesitate to play euro games over 4P, but will make an exception for fillers and party games, especially social deduction games. But even then, ask them to join a group of over 12 players and their interest fades. There is common disbelief that a group over 12 can give a positive gaming experience, even a party game.

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Games for a Gaggle or Greater

Welcome to MeetMax's blog for large group games. If you’ve made it here, chances are you’re like us—you just LOVE games!

Now, most board games out there worth their salt will max out capacity at around 6 to 8 people. But what if you want to share the joy of good games with your coworkers? With your church? At a wedding? You’ll be hard pressed to find a game that is easy to learn, interactive, and thoughtfully designed, while still being able to accommodate any group bigger than 10 players.

THAT’S what we’re here to talk about. Enjoying, learning about, and sharing games that are thoughtful, engaging, fun AND work well with big groups of people.

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