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Welcome to MeetMax's blog for large group games. If you’ve made it here, chances are you’re like us—you just LOVE games! 

Now, most board games out there worth their salt will max out capacity at around 6 to 8 people. But what if you want to share the joy of good games with your coworkers? With your church? At a wedding? You’ll be hard pressed to find a game that is easy to learn, interactive, and thoughtfully designed, while still being able to accommodate any group bigger than 10 players.

THAT’S what we’re here to talk about. Enjoying, learning about, and sharing games that are thoughtful, engaging, fun AND work well with big groups of people.

For the purposes of this blog, we will discuss group games that are:

  • Self contained (i.e. start and end in one session)
  • Made for groups of 10+ people
  • Require in person/face to face interaction

While weathering a brief little brainstorm, we came up with a few different categories of gaming that could fit these parameters... 

1: Megagames

Started in London, Megagames usually accommodate 20-60 people organized players into teams. There is typically a substantial role-playing element involved in megagames and will often be a full day affair, going from 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning to about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Some go on even longer!

2: Classic Bar Games

Quiz shows and bingo! These are games that have very simple mechanics and aren’t turn based, so a lot of people can play them at once.



3: Board Games

Fairly self explanatory—games played on a board.

4: Party/Camp Games

Charades, capture the flag, the list goes on… These games can get a lot of people engaged at once, even if they don’t involve much in the way of strategy.

5: Escape Rooms



Fairly new on the scene, these are collaborate games in which a team will solve a series of puzzles and riddles to arrive at a final ‘escape’ solution.

6: Physical Team Games

Think here of paintball or laser tag. We want to be careful, however, not to talk about sports here.



7: Immersive Theater Style Games

A murder mystery is a perfect example of an immersive theater style game. In this type of game, players will take on a character and play out the entire game as inhabitants of a created world.

8: Group Tasks/Team Building Activities

The human knot is a very common and simple example of a team building activity. These are games where a large group has some simple task that they have to accomplish as a team.

9: Scavenger Hunts

Here, individuals or teams are given a list of items or puzzles to find/accomplish.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you can think of any other types of games or parameters for large group games that you think we should include in this blog!

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