Style:    Strategy, Analytics

Time:    30 mins

Players:  10 - 50


Players are managing their careers at sea. The goal is to see how much money you can earn through a judicious mix of exploration, hard work and bribery !

An analytical game where each player has to pause and take only one or two important decisions each minute and monitor the actions of their teammates and rivals to time those moves.    There is no single path to success and different strategies can be successful depending on the actions of others and how you choose to play.

Ships is a game with a very simple trade off that players need to make - how much do you invest in getting higher rank, which makes you more powerful and able to find a place on the valuable ships - but which costs you more, making the returns of voyages less profitable.  But that simple rule combined with a dynamic group all inter-acting creates unique and tense decisions. A subtle and analytical game that allows players multiple opportunities to restart and play- over teaming up with different players and trying new strategies.