" Everyone had a blast.  Within minutes the teams had loosened up and were having fun with an experience that was entirely original "

-  Edward Roussel   Chief Innovation Officer,  WSJ / Dow Jones



For Teams and Parties

A complete turnkey event for up to 50 people that will have everyone of all abilities participating for up to two hours in totally interactive entertainment.  We come to you, provide and run everything.  Players are organised in teams, a variety of games are played, with refreshments if appropriate, ending with a light hearted awards ceremony.   

For Large Events

A unique experience creating unrivaled face-to-face interaction and participation at major events.   Call us to see how our games can be themed to fit your needs.   


Face-to-Face Interaction

All our games are social and played person to person.  Technology is only used to do the heavy lifting needed for a group to play simultaneously.   Personal devices are not used and players meet, talk and collaborate as part of the games.

While players will find themselves negotiating, analyzing and strategizing together while playing, there are no deep lessons.  We believe if you just have fun playing together, then team-building and networking will naturally happen


Simple but Smart

We come to your location, set up everything and run the games.  You just provide the players. 

Games require no prior knowledge or experience and are simple and accessible.  Rules are explained in under 2 minutes, yet allow for subtle gaming experiences, with interesting choices and tense trade-offs that are the hallmark of good modern board games.

A new concept in corporate entertainment that has everyone participating and engaged together.