" Everyone had a blast.  Within minutes the teams had loosened up and were having fun with an experience that was entirely original "

-  Edward Roussel   Chief Innovation Officer,  WSJ / Dow Jones



Team Building Activity

A mini e-Olympics. A turnkey session of strategic and puzzle games that uses negotiation, trading and other mechanics to get everyone interacting closely in friendly competitive games.  Ideal for a holiday party or team-building activity:     10-50 players



To kick off an event, short smart games that create introductions and participation in simple but engaging challenges:  10-200 players


Games Booth for Parties

A carnival style station that is constantly available, for small informal groups to stop by in a party and play as a team.   A leaderboard displays team results for groups to compete together over the course of an event.  Unlimited players (5-15 per team)


Conference Energizer

Short games in an auditorium, as a breather between lectures, that get attendees seamlessly organised into small groups in situ and collaborating with each other against the other groups:  50 - 500 players